Training Objective:

1. How you rate the communication skills of the trainer?

2. Do you found trainer having appropriate knowledge of the subject?

3. How were the presentation skills of the trainer?

4. How you grade the attitude of the trainer in context to clarify the doubts and answer your queries?

5. Rate your involvement to make training effective?

6. Rate pre training preparation & time management of trainer during training?

7. Rate the readiness for the training?

8. Do you think the motive of the training gets served?

9. Rate time allotted for training was sufficient?

10. Do you think now you will be able to perform the job in better way after this training?

11. Do you think this type of training should be conducted in future?

12. Is this training necessary for you?

13. Do you appreciate the efforts of the Foster Kids Head Office to conduct the training?

14. Will you recommend Foster Kids to your friends circle?

15. Give your suggestions to improve the training?