Established 2006
Franchise Started 2013
Franchise Outlets 100+
Investment Requirement 4,00,000 onwards
Space Requirement 1200 – 4000 sqft
To Become Area Franchise (Busniess to Busniess)
Investment – Rs 50 k
Entrepreneurship Ship
Liberty to work from home
To Become Master Franchise (Busniess to Busniess)
Investment – Rs 2.5 to 10 Lakh
Business Commitment
Liberty to work from home
To Start Your Play School (Business to Customer)
Space 1800 – 4000 Sqft (Rented or Owned)
Investment – Rs 4 to 15  Lakh

In order to facilitate and promote Joyful learning experiences. Our Programs are synchronize with the age of the growing child.

Toddler (Play Group): Age 1.5 years to 2.5 years
Nurturing Minor (Nursery): Age 2.5 years to 3.5 Years
Fostering Kid (LKG): Age 3.5 Years to 4.5 Years
Fostering Younger (UKG): Age 4.5 Years to 5.5 Years

These programs conduct for our children as well as children from other schools, who wish to learn activities. These programs generally start after school working.

Vedic Maths
Hand Writing & Calligraphy
Drawing & Painting
Art & Craft
Music & Dance
Younger Personality & Communication

Holistic Growth

For holistic development of the child there should be harmonious balance between the mind, body & natural learning pace. To assure four dimensional growth of a child, we have proprietary program “Seven Feathers”. It is unique tailor made program based on howard gardener theory of Multiple Intelligence.

Language Development
Cognitive Development
Socio – Emotional Development
Personal Awareness
Fine/ Gross Motor Development
Problem Solving Attitude
Creative Development

About Foster Kids 

Foster Kids Playschool is born with the desire to nurture the child & lay Healthy foundation for a learned society. It is a noble initiative of IHT Group.

IHT Network is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Public Limited professionally managed company delivering education in different fields of Information Technology like hardware, networking, software, accounting, and management education & spoken English training.

Brain Science & Our Curriculum

Research has proved that upto 90% of brain development & 50% adult awareness happen in first five years of the child. We at Foster Kids believe that every child have born with natural intelligence & unique in nature. Only thing we require to identify, brush – up & explore this with his/her natural pace.

Our teaching methodology is combination of Montessori & Play way method, which allows learning through sensorial & creative activities keeping in mind the learning style, natural pace & in born potential of the child.

We are in very few schools in India, who are following Multiple Intelligence Enable Curriculum, which is the future of Early Childhood Education.

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