Counselor training is the one of the most important activity to assure the success of the franchise school. It plays an important role & helps the counselor to understand the vision, services of the company & further communicate to prospective customers. Today’s scenarios where need of the society growing day by day and it is the need of the hour that school should deliver & prove themselves on the expectations the parents. In India like country, where we are on the verse of fast growing developments. We have to synchronize ourselves as per the need of the society for sustaining as profit making business enterprises. Trainings, developments & growths are the synonyms for continual growth.

In continuation to address the need of the school, following topics need to cover for assuring the effectiveness of the training:

  • Need of the CounsElor training
  • What is Early Childhood Education?
  • Importance of Early Childhood Education
  • Skills to be developed during pre- schooling
  • IHT Group, Foster Kids& Curriculum
  • How we are different & our core competency areas.
  • Counseling tips
  • Fee structure & deliverables.
  • Role & responsibilities of the Foster Kids Counselors.
  • Feedback on effectiveness of the training.