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Teacher Training

In order to maintain international standard & uniform teaching system in all Foster Kids Play Schools, we organize regular teacher training & curriculum orientation training.

We at Foster Kids believe that quality is a journey not the destination. To maintain the quality & exercise good practices in Schools, there should be the regular training & develop process.

As per international standard of pre-schooling, below 24 (twenty four) skills need to develop in Schools, which insures continual academic growth.


  • 1. Auditory Discrimination Skills
  • 2. Cause and Effect
  • 3. Classification Skills
  • 4. Color Recognition
  • 5. Comparing and Contrasting
  • 6. Following Direction
  • 7. Dramatic Play
  • 8. Eye-Hand Coordination
  • 9. Language Development
  • 10.Large Motor Skills
  • 11.Listening Comprehension
  • 12.One-to-One Correspondence
  • 13.Patterning Skills
  • 14.Play
  • 15.Predicting
  • 16.Problem-Solving Skills
  • 17.Self-Help Skills
  • 18.Self-Concept
  • 19.Seriating Skills
  • 20.Shape Recognition
  • 21.Small Motor Skills
  • 22.Social Development
  • 23.Visual Memory Skills
  • 24.Visual Discrimination Skills