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How to Join Hands

Step: 1 (Enquiry about Franchisee)

To get information about taking the franchisee of Foster Kids, the applicant has to register enquiry on Foster Kids Website and fill online franchisee enquiry form. The franchising team member reverts back with appropriate answer of query after getting applicant’s detailed information. Franchisees willing to be part of our successful pre-school chain can also directly speak to our franchising team members on mob. 9313073376, 9555573376

Step: 2 (Conversation with Prospect)

After receiving the Franchise enquiry and online FAF (Franchisee Application Form), in first step the FAF details scrutinized by our Franchisee Department and assigned to Foster Kids Executive. Our executive conveys all information to applicant within 24 hours of registered enquiry. The officer will have detailed telephonic conversation with the applicant and send entire financials and project details either through courier or mail to understand the applicant’s Interest and commitment for Franchisee business.

Step: 3 (Feasibility Analyses)

Franchisee Development Department initiate the feasibility process by asking demand draft of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) in favor of“IHT Network Limited”as refundable feasibility amount. Feasibility team will travel to desired locality, visit the premises and moreover to understand the potential of that place. In case if our team found place is suitable keeping business profitability& security of the student’s in mind. We give very comprehensive “Feasibility Findings Report” to the promoter which has the details information & justification for suitability or non-suitability of the premises. When we get convinced with the potential of the place then only we take the project for next level. If we did not found premises suitable as per standard the amount will be reimbursed after deducting travelling and other cost of development officer.


If site is found non feasible for our Project as per standards set by Foster Kids, officers visit the site again for cross check the potential of location. Applicant is given maximum 3 chances, to justify location choice. In case even at last visit the site get rejected recommended by the promoter the remaining balance money is refunded after deduction of the actual travelling expense of visiting officers. If site is found suitable for the project, the amount will be adjusted against the franchise fees.

Step: 4 (Site Approval)

After approval of site by our office authority, the applicant would be invited for further detailed discussion on different aspects of project, financial arrangements & merit of the Prospective Franchise.

Step: 5 (Direct Interaction with Top Management)

This is the most essential step of the franchisee process; here applicant meets our top Management at Foster Kids Corporate Office. They provide complete information about company and also discuss franchisee opportunity in wider spectrum. Complete project detail, required investment plan & future prospect of preschool franchisee business is provided to aspirant franchisee.

Step: 6 (MOU & Franchise Agreement)

Once we get declaration from Prospective Franchisee that he completely understands the preschool franchisee business and he has the potential, caliber and required investment for setting up the playschool franchisee outlet. Then first we sign the MOU (Memorandum of understanding) and after clearance of franchise fee, franchise Agreement will be signed between franchisee and franchisor. This embodies a declaration of the intention to conclude Franchisee Contract.